Non-Certified Diver Trips

Discover Scuba Diving$90,00*
Resort Dive$70,00*
* gear included

Certified Diver Trips

no geargear
Single Tank Dive$60,00$65,00
Double Tank Dive$105,00$115,00
3 Dives$155,00$170,00
4 Dives$200,00$220,00
5 Dives$245,00$270,00
6 Dives$290,00$320,00
7 Dives$335,00$370,00
8 Dives$375,00$415,00
9 Dives$410,00$455,00
10 Dives$440,00$490,00
10+ Dives$43,00$48,00
Night Dive$80,00
Refresher Dive$75,00

PADI Courses

Scuba Diver$ 360,00
Open Water Diver$ 470,00
Open Water eLarning$ 380,00after eLearning
Adventure Diver$ 230,00
Advanced Open Water Diver$ 350,00
Adv. Upgrade w/Night Dive$ 40,00Additional to Adv.Open
EFR (CPR/ First Aid/ with AED)$ 150,00
Rescue Diver$ 560 1 pax$ 460 2 pax
Dive Master (excl. books and fees)$ 950,00
Referral dives$ 300,00Plus PIC $ 40

PADI Specialty Courses

AWARE Shark Conservation $ 170.002 dives
Boat Diver$ 170,002 dives
Deep Diver$ 280,004 dives
Digital Underwater Photographer $ 170,00 2 dives
Emergency First Response*$ 150,00
Full face Mask / IDM$ 230,002 dives
Nitrox* (Enriched Air Diver)$ 150,00
Nitrox, full course (Enriched Air Diver)$ 230,002 dives
Oxygen Provider*$ 150,00
Peak Performance Buoyancy$ 170,002 dives
Underwater Naturalist$ 170,002 dives
Underwater Navigation $ 230,003 dives
Wreck Diver$ 280,004 dives
* specialties requiring no dives


Before participating all (student) divers must complete paperwork, such as a brief scuba medical questionnaire that ask about medical conditions that could be a problem while diving.
Divers Medical Questionnaire and Medical Statement

The prices with gear apply if you need a regulator and/or a BCD.

Tanks, weight belt, mask and fins are included as part of all packages.

All courses include all required dives, equipment and certification processing fees.

Courses are all inclusive. They also include all required learning material and books.
Some specialties may require you to purchase some additional learning material.

Soft drinks, fresh water and fun… Complimentary with each trip!!!

All dive trips and courses require a minimum of participants to take place and can be cancelled if this minimum is not reached (except for the private open water course).

All prices are subject to change.