Shark DiveDefinitively St. Maarten's most spectacular dive!

Dive Safaris has been successfully diving with the sharks around St Maarten since 1998. This afternoon single tank dive takes place twice a week (see schedule). During this dive, you will have the chance to see 15 to 30 sharks. Most of the sharks on this dive are Caribbean Reef Sharks and Sharp Nose sharks ranging from 3 to 8 feet in length.


The dives are mostly to study the sharks and learn more about them. These efforts will help to develop a better understanding of the need to preserve and protect the threatened sharks.
Sharks eat the equivalent of 1-10% of their body weight per week, usually in one or two meals. Between meals they digest their food, and they do not eat again until they have finished digesting their previous meal.

It is also a change to see how there health is, if they are sick or wounded. The size of the population can be monitored over a long period of time.
The dive lasts around 30-40 min. and the depth of the dive site is 55' /17m. You will need to be at least a certified diver and have dived within the last 2 years to take part in this dive.
Come and meet our shark divers who will be happy to share their passion for these incredible animals.
Learn more about them and why it is so important to protect them.

Facts about sharks:

Did you know?

  • They need our protection! Humans are their biggest predator and sharks are becoming extinct!
  • "Finning" is cutting off the shark's fins and throwing the live shark back into the water to drown since they cannot move to breathe.
  • 100 millions sharks are killed every year for the shark fins soup consumers.
  • You have more chance to get hit by lightning than being bit by a shark.
  • Sharks act like the lions in the jungle and keep our oceans clean. They eat sick and weak fish to keep the schools healthy.
  • Sharks also play an important role in the ecosystem with the removal of top predators having shown to cause cascading effects down the food web.

Please see our Dive Packages and the Schedule for details and timings.

For reservations and bookings please contact us via the Reservation page, contactform, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone (011-721-545-2401) or fax (011-721-545-2429) .


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